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At The Table: Sharif Waked’s “Khumus”

[Sharif Waked, Khumus (2008). Image from artist’s archive]

Sherene Seikaly recently wrote a beautiful article about Sharif Waked’s outdoor installation at a Palestinian restaurant (pictured above):

Just outside a Palestinian restaurant, named “al-Bayt” in the recently recognized village of Ayn Hawd southeast of Haifa, a table and two chairs stand precariously balanced on a steep slope. From a distance it is a pretty scene that promises the serenity of a picnic. On closer look, there is deformity and fragility. Together they offer an incisive reflection on those many moments when the Palestinian everyday in Israel meets the persistent apprehension and restlessness of memory. Sharif Waked’s installation Khumus tells of the inextricability of two communions—one that is untenable in the present and another in the past that has been made absent.

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Sharif Waked at the Guggenheim

“Found in Translation”– an exhibition starting Feb 11-May, 2011,  deals with issues of belonging and nationality, displacement  and political and social confrontation. The exhibition includes work by Sharif Waked, who also participated in our exhibition, “One Thousand and One NIghts.”

Tarjama/Translation at Queens Museum

The Queens Museum of Art is currently hosting the traveling exhibition “Tarjama/Translation” (May 10-September 27, 2009), curated by Leeza Ahmady and Iftikhar Dadi, with Reem Fadda, Assistant Curator. The show includes work by Khalil Rabah and Sharif Waked.

Here is a bit from the exhibition guide:

…in the speed of our encounter with globalization, we are flooded with what contemporary Chilean philosopher Dario Salas calls ‘dead information’ – dead because the average person cannot possibly process the quantity and velocity of stimuli he or she encounters every day.

To translate is to render significance: the meaning and importance of something at hand…

The Curatorial Statement is available for download on the ArteEast website.

Image caption: Sharif Waked, “Tugra”

Posted by Lauren Pearson

Images of 1001 Nights at Postmasters NYC

Installation View, Postmasters Gallery

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Guggenheim Acquires Work by Sharif Waked reports that the Guggenheim has acquired Sharif Waked‘s work ‘To Be Continued.’ Congratulations, Sharif!

You can see his work ‘Jericho First‘ in our exhibition The Thousand and One Nights at Postmasters Gallery in New York through August 8.

UPDATE: Also see the below article from al-AYYAM newspaper, Ramallah

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Exhibition: The Thousand and One Nights

Postmasters Gallery is pleased to announce “The Thousand and One Nights” – an exhibition of  contemporary artists from Palestine curated by Mary Evangelista with Michael Connor.
July 7 – August 8, 2009
Postmasters Gallery
Opening reception Tuesday, July 7 6-8pm


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Sharif Waked, ‘To Be Continued’

To Be Continued
Sharif Waked (2009) Video installation

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Sharif Waked in 9th Sharjah Biennial

Sharif Waked will be showing work as part of the ‘Provisions of the Future‘ exhibition in this year’s Sharjah Biennial, curated by Isabel Carlos. From the press release:

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Mapping Palestine at Art Dubai

Hot on the heels of Monday’s announcement of a Palestine pavilion at Venice, Art Dubai has announced that it will present a project called ‘Mapping Palestine’ as part of this year’s fair, which takes place 18-21 March. The project, curated by Samar Martha of ArtSchool Palestine, includes an exhibition of 2D works,  a video exhibition, and a series of presentations by arts organizations based in Palestine.

Here’s a list of artists from the ArtSchool Palestine website:

The first project, Akhir al Layl “at the end of the night”, derived from a poem by the late Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish, exhibits a range of two-dimensional works by artists living and working in Palestine and the diaspora including Sama Alshaibi, Rana Bishara, Tarek Al Ghoussein, Raouf Haj Yihya,  Rula Halawani, Alexandra Handal, Shuruq Harb, Mona Hatoum, Yazan Khalili, Jawad Al Malhi, Ahlam Shibli and Sharif Waked.

The second project, Tamam, is a programme of video art and includes work by Alexandra Handal, Annemarie Jacir, Sharif Waked, Larissa Sansour and Enas Muthafar amongst others. Tamam is an Arabic word meaning ‘everything is fine’.  But under the harsh reality of occupation, can things be fine and normal? Ironically, each of the selected artists portrays in their work the harshness of life under occupation and its absurdity. In a sometimes sarcastic manner, their work highlights some of the aspects of daily life under occupation.