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The Return of Orientalism?

The UAE National had another great article this past weekend: a trend piece about how British collectors are increasingly interested in art from the Middle East, and Middle Eastern collectors are increasingly interested in British Orientalist art from centuries past. The fascination between East and West, the article suggests, is mutual and has a long history. Check out the article here; also have a look at Lauren’s recent post on this blog about Edward Said’s writing on Orientalism.

Posted by Michael Connor. Image: A Game of Chess, an 1879 painting by the American Edwin Lord Weeks. Courtesy Bonhams.

Required Reading: Edward W. Said’s “Orientalism”

In 1978, Edward W. Said (1935-2003) published his now seminal work, Orientalism, a historical study on the discourse surrounding Western Orientalist thought. Said, a controversial figure in both Literary Studies and Middle Eastern politics, was influential in the development of postcolonial studies and his Orientalism laid the groundwork for this new school of thought.

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