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Nuit Blanche

The Degree Show 2013

Poetic justice: The writer Najwan Darwish on PalFest and his first volume of poetry

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Usama Said “The Blooming of Spring”

Jumana Manna & Sille Storihle

Jumana Manna & Sille Storihle: The Goodness Regime. 2013 – Vimeo
Video installation at Sharjah Biennial 11, 2013 Secuence taped as part of the visual tour through the Sharjah Biennial by Universes in Universe: …


Hani Zurob

Biography and art criticism reconciled
The Daily Star
“Between Exits: Paintings by Hani Zurob,” written by artist and Palestinian art historian Kamal Boullata, is a monograph of the France-based Palestinian …

Uriel Orlow – Unmade Film

Gaza – Palestinian – Iman Salah –

While searching for shape, color, content and even texture do not like plastic artist Palestinian Mai Murad to be a prisoner of particular school, they move where you want the brush and where derogatory colors, making its way firmly, moving in space White like butterfly reflect the way flying between all the flowers.

Because women half of society, and this is not irrevocable it, is the status of women and their place in any society of the important indicators that show the evolution. No different Palestinian society from other Arab societies, in terms of culture, social structure, economic and even political, where we note the active role of women in such areas.

It is worth mentioning that the Palestinian women have suffered a lot because of the occupation, and because of being half of the society, and in spite of all this played an important role in all the events and activities and perhaps was the first top grades in many roles

“Mai Murad talent from the age of childhood”

Mi like in her twenties, emerged her through her paintings and drawings, says Mai: I saw myself in talent, and I told the age of 11 years, and started I develop myself, until I got to university, I entered the field of arts at the university, and tried benefit and learn from everything.

Dreamy girl,,,, Mai adds: started to make my way and I find myself, after the end of Undergraduate, and through their experiences and education, I offer my art in my first personal exhibition “Faces Gallery” in 2007.

And artist always in the case of search, I was looking for what is new and unique, because art, but more importantly how to get this message to the world, even though there were many methods.

The relay saying that she feels responsibility towards art, where they can not show to the public something normal, but must be the oldest thing It draws attention.

She adds: The artist friend of each color, but at times there is a mismatch between the case and color, and there was no room for preference color over another, but the idea is to determine the colors, because there philosophy in colors, and each carries meanings and connotations, may see some White symbolizes purity and clarity, but I could see the color of surprise and given something of a mystery.

On the other hand, wish Mai have been added something new to the art world, through her artwork, and her paintings, and she called for women in general, and the Palestinian in particular, and I brought it through the language of art, that women human capital in everything, their existence, opinion.

And ambition says, I hope to be an artist, I express my, and Palestinian women, and also about the man, I’m not against him, and that I can influence society in a positive way, and I try to restore humanity to the hearts of humans.

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