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This blog is a research tool that allows us to chart our research and invite others along on the journey.

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Right To Live Society

New exhibitions Guernica Gaza

Exhibition opening: Points of Departutre 15 Jan at Al Mahatta Gallery Ramallah @ 17:00

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Invitation to “Building Jericho(s)” talk

“The Miracle in the Holy Land” talk and conversation


Beautiful Eyes Gallery is an exciting new contemporary art space located in the heart of Jerusalem. The gallery will exhibit work from established artists working in a variety of disciplines such as conceptual ceramics, video, drawing, sculpture, photography and mixed media. The gallery will feature both solo and group shows, displaying the works of Israeli and international artists who demonstrate a dedication to excellence in their fields.

The gallery is slated to open its doors with the large group exhibition BIG SECRETS concealing and revealing by 10 artists, exhibiting works by Irit Abba, Eran Ehrlich, Hanna Farrah Kufur Biram, Gali Grinspan, Guy Jana, Hila Lulu Lin, Mika Orstav, Rivi Perlov, Hadara Rabinowitz and Osnat Raichman. BIG SECRETS is curated by Hadara Rabinowitz.

Beautiful Eyes Gallery Opening Event and BIG SECRETS exhibition opening will take place on Friday, December 21, from 12:00-15:00.
BIG SECRETS will run 21/12/ 2012 to 15/1/2013.
Mesilat Yesharim 12, Jerusalem
Gallery opening hours: Monday-Thursday, 10:00-19:00, Friday 10:0-14:00
For more information: 050-673-6643

‘Palestine in the Eye: Militant Moving Images’

/ December 15 – 19 / @ Khalil Sakakini Cultural Centre / curated by Subversive Film

[ ... A national-historical tendency afflicting film scholarship and exhibition in recent decades has militated against the treatment of these transnational cinemas of the revolution. Palestine in the Eye: Militant Moving Images counters this neglect, asking what visions of Palestine took form in the eyes of international artists finding inspiration in the revolution. As they sought their own aesthetic criteria and militant methods, how did these figures navigate the line between a film’s revolutionary form and its revolutionary function? Responding to his own questions, Abu Ali tasked film with ‘assuming the role of a weapon at the service of the revolution’; but could not the revolution, with its call to insurrection, equally assume the role of a tool at the service of artistic innovation?... ]

Ummelfahem Art Gallery 2012

Dear Friends

Just a few more days, and it will be 2013 already, and as the old year draws to a close, we are proud to announce the summary of the. widespread activities we undertook in 2012
We will publishe five catalogues and open five exhibitions, and we will be inaugurating
a website storing and spotlighting the photographic and historic archives of Umm el-Fahem and Wadi Ara.
As you can see in the attached invitation, our upcoming event will summarize our
current activities and mark the new year as a year of creativity, action and the
continuation of multi-cultural dialogue, for all of which the gallery is a center stage.

Please view this invitation as your personal invitation.
We look forward seeing you with us at this event.

Said Abu shakra

“Beyond Aesthetics” Seminar

Abraaj Capital Art Prize Winner: Taysir Batniji