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Bethlehem Beyond the Wall: Photographs Art and Artifacts 1890-2017

Everyone recognizes Bethlehem as the birthplace of Jesus, few know about the city’s rich culture. You can catch a glimpse of that richness at our new exhibition, at Manhattan College, Feb 19th – 27th, 2018. Bethlehem Beyond the Wall moves beyond myth and politics to show the city through the eyes of people who’ve lived there for centuries. The exhibition includes roughly 100 photographic images organized into discrete sections, 7 paintings (acrylic on canvas), 4 video interviews, and a series of maps to help viewers locate Bethlehem inside shifting political boundaries.

February 19-27, 2018 Open Monday – Saturday from 10 am -7 pm at Kelly 5A

Related Events and Programs:
Feb. 19 Opening Reception 5:30-7, Kelly 5A
Feb. 20 Faculty Panel 5:30, Kelly 5B
Monday, Feb. 26: Discussion with artist Elias Halabi, 5:30 p.m., Kelly Commons 4A
Feb. 27 Across the Divide film screening, 5:00 Kelly 5B

For more information about the exhibition, visit our website

Hope to see you there!

دعوه لافتتاح مجموعة معارض הזמנה למקבץ תערוכות

Dear friends חברים יקרים الاصدقاء الاعزاء

אתמול ננעל מקבץ התערוכות האחרון באירוע חגיגי שכלל שיח גלריה

ומפגש עם האמנים המשתתפים
בימים אלה , אנו מסיימים את ההכנות האחרונות למקבץ התערוכות החדש
השקת שלושה קטלוגים הדורים חדשים ופתיתחם של שלוש תערוכות יחיד ושלוש עבודות ווידאו ארט חדשות רצ”ב הזמנה

האירוע יתקיים בשבת הקרובה 17.2.2018 שעה 12.00
יהיה לנו כל העונג לפגוש אותכם באירוע חגיגי זה

فقط في الامس اغلقنا مجموعة المعارض الاخيره في لقاء احتفالي وحوار فني

ولقاء حضاري مع الفنانين المشاركين
نحن في هذه الايام على ابواب الانتهاء من الترتيبات النهائيه لافتتاح مجموعة المعارض القريبه يوم السبت القريب 17.2.2018 الساعه 12.00 ظهراً
في هذا اللقاء نحتفل بمناسبة إصدار تلاته كتب جديده . إفتتاح تلاتة معارض فرديه مميزه بالأضافه لتلاتة افلام فيديو آرت لمجموعه رائعه من الفنانين
يسرني جداً لقاءكم في هذا الحفل الافتتاحي مرفق دعوه

Yesterday the previous exhibition cluster came to an end in a special event that included a gallery talk and meeting with the exhibiting artists.
These days we are finishing the preparations for a new exhibition cluster that will include three new solo shows, video works, and the launching of three new impressive catalogs.
The event will take place this Saturday, February 17th, 12 pm.
It will be our great pleasure to see you in this special event.

סעיד אבו שקרה سعيد ابو شقره Said Abu Shakra

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Museum of Palestinian People

Museum of the Palestinian People‎ to
Bethlehem Beyond the Wall
February 9 at 3:09pm ·

A glimpse into what you’ll get to see at our exhibit, Bethlehem Beyond the Wall

American Colony Photo Dept.
Trimming Olive Trees near Bethlehem
Negative, 1934-1939
Library of Congress
14×10 1/4

Nicola Saig: The Return to Jerusalem


Al Ma’mal, George Al Ama and Rajai’ Zacharia cordially invite you to the exhibition opening

Nicola Saig:

The Return to Jerusalem 

Friday 26 January 2018

Al Ma’mal, New Gate

Old City, Jerusalem

6 – 9 pm

The exhibition reveals twelve paintings by the Jerusalemite pioneer artist Nicola Saig (1863 – 1942) newly discovered by George Al Ama in the possession of Rajai’ Zacharia, exhibited to the public for the first time.

Exhibition runs until 16 February 2018.

War & Desire solo exhibition by Bashar Alhroub, Tuesday 9 January 2018 at 6:00 pm at Gallery One

Join us for Jerusalem Lives

Join us for 

Jerusalem Lives activities


Art Workshop

Interaction with Oscar Murillo’s artwork “the Institute of Reconciliation”

In partnership with Silwan Club and the African Community Society 


Sunday, December 17th| 10:00-16:30 

Friday, December 22nd| 10:00-16:30

Location: Silwan Club in Ras el Amoud, Jerusalem 


Colombian artist Oscar Murillo, a contributor to the public program of the “Jerusalem Lives” exhibition, worked with young people from Jerusalem to execute his artwork, “The Institute of Reconciliation”, thereby launching the Jerusalem branch of a project he has implemented in several places around the world. The artwork, which consists of a number of black paintings, goes beyond contemplation. The heavy, woven and torn black canvases, painted on in black oil colour, make up sprawling installations that hang on strings or screens or metal. They reflect on the history of labour, trade, society, consumerism, and art. They provide space to view the city from an alternative collaborative perspective.

We will complete what the artist started by inviting the children to interact with the work in novel artistic ways. These black paintings will be a space for them to create their own artworks or interpret their ideas of re-presenting the artwork however they wish.


The Gift Christmas Market 

Friday 15 December 2017

Al Ma’mal, New Gate

Old City, Jerusalem

4 – 9 pm

Join us for a Christmas Market presenting works and products by independent artists, artisans and designers in Palestine, as well as hot drinks and food.


100 Years 

by Jack Persekian

Friday 15 December 2017

Gallery Anadiel, Freres Road,

New Gate, Old City

4 – 9 pm

An exhibition bringing together photographs from the 19th century  superimposed with photographs taken today in the same location. The work is an attempt to encourage people, especially Jerusalemites, to reassess their relation to the city; reexamine it carefully, indulge in its details and love it – not for what it was and what it symbolizes, but for what it can be.


Exhibition continues until 20 January 2018

Political Tour of Jerusalem

 Join us for 

Jerusalem Lives activities


Political Tour of Jerusalem

In partnership with Grassroots Jerusalem

Saturday, December 9th| 10:00-14:00 

Meeting point: The Jerusalem Hotel, Jerusalem 


Join us for a political tour that reveals the political and grassroots reality of Jerusalem by exposing how Israeli policies continue to suffocate Palestine’s capital and its largest metropolitan area. The tour begins at Karm al-Khalili neighborhood where Grassroots office is located with a 45-minute narrative explaining the historical context of Jerusalem. Following this, we embark on a 3-hour tour of the city. The tour includes six stops across Jerusalem District, where we will explore issues such as the economy, the legal status of residents, education, health, house demolitions and Jewish settlements expansion.


Cost: 40 ILS per person.

Please register at 


To read more about Jerusalem Lives exhibition.Click here


المتحف الفلسطيني هو مؤسّسة ثقافيّة مستقلّة وهو أحد أهمّ مشاريع مؤسّسة التّعاون، وهي مؤسسة أهلية فلسطينية غير

ربحيّة تهدف إلى توفير المساعدة التنمويّة والإنسانيّة للفلسطينيين منذ عام ١٩٨٣


.لمزيد من المعلومات يرجى زيارة الموقع الإلكتروني للمتحف


:لاستفساراتكم يرجى التواصل معنا عبر البريد الإلكترونيّ التالي

المتحف الفلسطيني

شارع المتحف، بالقرب من المدخل الشمالي لجامعة بيرزيت

بيرزيت، صندوق بريد ٤٨


The Palestinian Museum is a flagship project of Taawon, an independent non-profit organization providing development and humanitarian assistance to Palestinians since 1983.


For more information about the Palestinian Museum visit our website.

For inquires contact:


The Palestinian Museum

Museum Street

Off Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Street

Birzeit PO Box 48


Jerusalem Lives activities

 Join us for
Jerusalem Lives activities

Curator’s Tours with Reem Fadda
Wednesday, December 6th| 14:00-15:00
Location: the Palestinian Museum, Birzeit


Solo Exhibition of Asim Abu Shakra taking place at Abu Dhabi At 2017