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Steve Sabella, Settlement

SETTLEMENT – Six Israelis and One Palestinian, Steve Sabella (2010). Seven lightjet prints mounted on aluminum panels. Now showing at Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art in Qatar as one of 23 major new commissions in the exhibition Told/Untold/Retold. See video on Steve’s website.

Khalil Rabah, Biproduct

BIPRODUCT, Khalil Rabah (2010), Multimedia installation. Now showing at Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art in Qatar as one of 23 major new commissions in the exhibition Told/Untold/Retold.

Mona Hatoum Wins Joan Miró Prize

Just announced – artist Mona Hatoum has won the Joan Miró Prize, worth 70,000 Euro. From the press release:

The jury of the 2011 Joan Miró Prize has granted the award to the Palestinian-British artist residing in London and Berlin, Mona Hatoum, for her great skill in connecting personal experience with universal values. Hatoum’s sculptures, installations, performances and videos set her among the most outstanding artists on the international art scene.


Panel at the NY HIlton

Starting in NYC tomorrow, Wednesday, February 9th, the CAA (College Art Association) will hold its 99th conference – open to the public – at the NY Hilton, 6th Avenue and 53rd St. From 2.30PM to 5.00PM there will be a panel discussion entitled Interdependent Identity: Paradigm and Paradox in Contemporary Israeli and Palestinian Art. Session tickets are $35. We urge you to go, and for those of you overseas, we will send a wrapup (with photos) by the end of the week

Click here for the CAA schedule.

Haaretz reports on UmelFahm museum building plans

Um el Fahm, a sparsely populated Arab town located in Israeli territory, is home to an art gallery, The Um el Fahm Gallery, that is fueled by the energy and enthusiasm of its director, Said abu Shakra. Over the years, Said – a former police officer and artist member of the Shakra family of artists – has managed to attract an ecumenical audience for his exhibitions, many of which attempt to combine the works of both Israeli and Palestinian artists.

Said’s ambition  and dreams have led to the idea of a Museum in Um el Fahm. According to this Jan. 27 article in Haaretz, architect’s plans are currently on the drawing board and recently a benefit for the new museum was held at a most unlikely place:  the Tel Aviv Museum.

Hats off to the Shakra family and to their Israeli supporters.

Sharif Waked at the Guggenheim

“Found in Translation”– an exhibition starting Feb 11-May, 2011,  deals with issues of belonging and nationality, displacement  and political and social confrontation. The exhibition includes work by Sharif Waked, who also participated in our exhibition, “One Thousand and One NIghts.”

Mona Hatoum at Whitechapel

This 1996 installation by Mona Hatoum is now showing at Whitechapel Gallery in London, through 6 March.

The third in a series of four displays from the D. Daskalopoulos Collection, Greece, Current Disturbance (1996) fills the gallery with the sound of electric current feeding flashing lightbulbs in a vast grid of metal cages. As the bulbs light up and fade out at irregular intervals, they illuminate the surrounding room and the mass of wiring covering the floor. [e-flux]

Marian Spore exhibition

Our co-curator, Michael Connor  wears two hats and the following quotation describes  his project and its recent demise.Alan Licht wrote this for Rhizome.

Billed as “an art space that is formatted like a permanent collection,” Marian Spore was also like a game of Scrabble with the limitation of a lease rather than letters, its proprietor letting the works fall into place intuitively. If you ask me, someone should buy the entire collection as a piece in and of itself; as a curatorial work, the whole is even greater than the sum of its parts.

Larissa Sansour in The National

Just came across this article–very exciting!  Larissa Sansour’s new venture with Oreet Ashery is in The National.

Mary E is now blogging

Big news. I’m learning how to use wordpress which means that I’ll be able to keep this site updated.

Look forward to more content from Michael and me in the next few months.