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Middle Eastern Artists Explore the Political and Erotic in “The Uncovered Body” Exhibition in Paris

‘Spectral Imprints’ – Five winning artworks of the prestigious Abraaj Capital Art Prize

Invitation to the opening of the Al Ma’mal LAB

Dear Friends,

We hope this email finds you good!
It is a pleasure to invite you to the opening of the Al Ma’mal LAB, a brand new adventure about culture and art in the Old City of Jerusalem.
If you want to know more about it and if you want to celebrate the opening with us, please come on Friday April 27th from 6 to 9 pm (New Gate, Old City).

We are sure you will love it and we hope to see you there!

Have a nice week,

Marianna Bianchetti, LAB Project Coordinator
Jack Persekian, Director

For further information please contact us at the LAB: 02 534 6837

Al-Ma’mal Foundation for Contemporary Art
New Gate, Old City P.O.Box 14644
91145 Jerusalem
T + 972 2 6283457
F + 972 2 6272312

Jericho– beyond the celestial and terrestrial

Jericho – beyond the celestial(ENG).pdf

Larissa Sansour re-imagines Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey by claiming the moon for Palestine; scattered around the screening room are small “Palistinauts”

Galleries 1, 2 & 3
Sat 14 Apr 2012 – Tue 5 Jun 2012
Mon – Closed, Tue – Sat 12:00 – 20:00, Sun 12:00 – 18:00
Artists: Akram Zaatari, Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige, Khaled Hafez, Larissa Sansour, Marwa Arsanios, Sharif Waked, Sherif El-Azma, Tarzan and Arab, Wafaa Bilal
Curators: Omar Kholeif

Guggenheim Project Challenges ‘Western-Centric View’

Article from the NY Times (April 11, 2012)

Palistinauts and Virtual Jihadi: Arabic artists get subversive – in pictures

My View: Volunteer stint at museum in Arab Israeli city an eye-opening experience

The Salem News



Ramallah – Palestine – International Academy of Art Palestine, In partnership with Art21 as part of its Access ’12 initiative, presents a sneak preview in advance of the premiere of the sixth season of Art in the Twenty-First Century, the only prime time national television series focused exclusively on contemporary art, on [Thursday 5-4-2012] at Ramallah – Palestine – International Academy of Art Palestine. The event will feature 4 films on the following themes, boundaries, balance, change and history . This event is free and open to the public.

Art21 Access ’12 is an international screening initiative created to increase knowledge of contemporary art, ignite dialogue, and inspire creative thinking through hundreds of public screenings and events that tailor the ideas presented in series to the interests and concerns of local audiences. Through in-depth profiles and interviews, the four-part series reveals the inspiration, vision and techniques behind the creative works of some of today’s most thought-provoking artists.

Art21 Access ’12 events are presented in partnership with the Arts Business Council, Emerging Leaders of New York Arts, National Guild for Community Arts Education, and the YMCA. An updated list of Art21 Access ’12 events and venues.

These screenings provide an opportunity to view in depth interviews with artists around the selected themes.

Art21 Access ’12 events are being hosted by museums, schools, libraries, art spaces, community centers, and universities worldwide. Each event features an exclusive advance screening of one or two episodes from Season Six of the documentary, as well as an educational component, such as talks by local, regional, and national artists; lectures; panel discussions; interactive art-making projects and question-and-answer sessions.

The following episode(s) will be screened:

Episode 1: Change
This episode features artists who bear witness, through their work, to transformation—cultural, material, and aesthetic—and actively engage communities as collaborators and subjects. Ai Weiwei, El Anatsui, and Catherine Opie are featured.
Thursday 5-4-2012 Time: 3-4 pm evening local time in Palestine

Episode 2: Boundaries
This episode presents artists who synthesize disparate aesthetic traditions, present taboo subject matter, discover innovative uses of media, and explore the shape-shifting potential of the human figure. David Altmejd, assume vivid astro focus, Lynda Benglis, and Tabaimo are featured.
Monday 9-4-2012 Time: 3-4 pm evening local time in Palestine

Episode 3: History
In this episode, artists play with historical events, explore and expose commonly held assumptions about historic ‘truth’, and create narratives based on personal experiences. Marina Abramović, Glenn Ligon, and Mary Reid Kelley are featured.
Thursday 19-4-2012 Time: 3-4 pm evening local time in Palestine

Episode 4: Balance
Through sculpture, paintings, and installations, the artists in this hour grapple with equilibrium and disequilibrium as they create highly structured works that challenge conventional notions of perception and representation. Rackstraw Downes, Robert Mangold, and Sarah Sze are featured.
Thursday 26-4-2012 Time: 3-4 pm evening local time in Palestine

The International Academy of Art, Palestine aims to be a pioneering institution in Palestine concerned with developing and advancing the practice and knowledge of contemporary art through learning capacity building and resource networks through innovative programmes and its institutional model.

Monsieur RAYMOND REBELLAC, Maire de Najac et son Conseil Municipal

Madame Lambaere-Strega, Présidente de l’association culturelle “A LIVRE OUVERT”

Ont le plaisir de vous convier au vernissage d’art contemporain de

Mohammed Mussalam (Gaza-Palestine)

“Fenêtres ouvertes”

à la Maison de la Fontaine à 12270 NAJAC
samedi 30 mars à 18 heures
Exposition du 30 Mars au 3 Mai 2012

Contact : association culturelle “A LIVRE OUVERT” Téléphone 05 65 29 79 98 – site: Ont le plaisir de vous convier au vernissage d’art contemporain de

Mohammed Mussalam (Gaza-Palestine)

” Fenêtres ouvertes ”

à la Maison de la Fontaine à 12270 NAJAC
samedi 30 mars à 18 heures
Exposition du 30 Mars au 3 Mai 2012

Contact : association culturelle “A LIVRE OUVERT” Téléphone 05 65 29 79 98 – site: