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Ummelfahem Art Gallery 2012

Dear Friends

Just a few more days, and it will be 2013 already, and as the old year draws to a close, we are proud to announce the summary of the. widespread activities we undertook in 2012
We will publishe five catalogues and open five exhibitions, and we will be inaugurating
a website storing and spotlighting the photographic and historic archives of Umm el-Fahem and Wadi Ara.
As you can see in the attached invitation, our upcoming event will summarize our
current activities and mark the new year as a year of creativity, action and the
continuation of multi-cultural dialogue, for all of which the gallery is a center stage.

Please view this invitation as your personal invitation.
We look forward seeing you with us at this event.

Said Abu shakra

“Beyond Aesthetics” Seminar

Abraaj Capital Art Prize Winner: Taysir Batniji

Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center presents Film Screening “Struggle In Jerash “, Monday, 19 November 2012 @ 7:00 PM

Riwaq & Al Ma’mal

Gestures in Time
Closing event
Jerusalem old city

Dear friends and art enthusiasts,
On behalf of our event partners, supporters, curators, and participating artists, we welcome you to join us for Gestures in Time closing event in Jerusalem,

Wednesday 14 November 2012

Jerusalem Show VI tour guided by exhibition curator Lara Khaldi, starting from the French Institute, Salah Eddin St, Jerusalem. View work by Julia Rometti & Victor Costales and Amer Shomali. Proceed to Hammam Al Ayn & Hammam Al Shifa, old city to view works by Rheim Alkadhi, Erick Beltran, Martin Soto Climent, Julia Rometti & Victor Costales, Subversive Film, Wafa Hourani and Uriel Orlow. Tour continues to the Tile Factory, the Al Ma’mal Lab and Gallery Anadiel, New Gate to view works by Ruanne Abou-Rahme & Basel Abbas, Amjad Ghannam, Ciprian Mureşan, Shahryar Nashat, Tom Nicholson, Cornelia Parker, Raouf Haj Yehia and Mohammed Al-Hawajri.

Gestures in Time is part of the pilot edition of Qalandiya International – art and life in Palestine. Presenting 30 artists (including 21 new commissions) whose works explore the individual gesture as an act of aesthetic and social creation, Gestures in Time takes place in urban and rural locations across Palestine (Abwein, Hajja, Jamma’in, Dhahiriya, Jerusalem and Ramallah).

Commissioners: Riwaq Biennial and the Jerusalem Show for Qalandiya International
Curators: Katya Garcia-Anton and Lara Khaldi

Al-Ma’mal Foundation for Contemporary Art
New Gate, Old City P.O.Box 14644
91145 Jerusalem
T + 972 2 6283457
F + 972 2 6272312

Ciprian Muresan film screening SUNDAY Nov 4 @ 18:20 at Yabous Cultural Center

Art&Life in Palestine

THIS IS also GAZA: A Celebration of Contemporary Visual Arts from the Gaza Strip

This October 2, 2012, Alhoush will launch THIS IS also GAZA: A Celebration of Contemporary Visual Arts from the Gaza Strip, a groundbreaking exhibition of the work of 38 Gazan painters, photographers, filmmakers, and video artists. THIS IS also GAZA tells the story of the *other* side of Gaza, that of the extraordinary resilience, creativity, and community that define the next generation in Palestinian art.

The river has two banks

Qalandiya International : Art and Life in Palestine 1-15/11/2012