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Al Ma Mal Talks

AL Ma’mal Talks | Samia Halaby | Liberation Art of Palestine | April 10th2019| 6:00PM
Samia Halaby, 1936, Jerusalem
Samia Halaby is a leading abstract painter and an influential scholar of Palestinian art. She is recognized as a pioneer of contemporary abstraction in the Arab world. Halaby’s work has been exhibited around the world. Samia Halaby has also taught at universities throughout the United States, and her writings on art have been published both in scholarly journals as well as in independent books.
Talk Statement: 
Samia Halaby, presents her book, Liberation Art of Palestine, which explores Palestinian Art as part of the struggle for Liberation. Halaby puts this art in context, explains its symbols, development and historical roots, and gives important insights into the Palestinian Conflict. The work focuses on two broad movements of Palestinian art, one in the liberation
movement in Lebanon during the 1970s and the other which grew in the first Intifada. Halaby explores how Palestinian Art has been shaped by material conditions and showcases its relation to the visual forms produced by Cubism, Futurism, Constructivism and the Mexican mural tradition, all of which reflect a revolutionary base. As Halaby states, “The whole point of this book is to illustrate and explain that the true art of Palestine rests on the Palestinian struggle for liberation.”

Supported by the A.M. Qattan Foundation through the ‘Visual Arts: A Flourishing Field’ Project, funded by Sweden.[English Follows] 

New Creatives

April 10 – May 10, 2019
Opening: Wednesday April 10 at 8pm 
Artists: Abd Al Rahman Al Julani, Rehaf Batniji, Alaa Dayeh, Michael Jabareen, Anan Misk, Nadine Nashef, Ola Zaitoun.
Hours: Monday – Thursday 10am – 5pm, Friday 10am – 8pm
New Creatives brings together the selected works of seven emerging
artists from Jerusalem, Haifa, Kafr Kanna, Rawabi, Ramallah and Gaza in an exhibition that reveals their profound common interest in the body
Through painting, video and photography, our New Creatives, explore the closeness as well as the strangeness of being and belonging like those who whisper secrets in confiding timidity. This exhibition opens up for these emerging artists the possibility to showcase their work and communicate with an empathetic audience their ideas and innovations through criticism, testing and dialogue.

Supported by the A.M. Qattan Foundation through the ‘Visual Arts: A Flourishing Field’ Project, funded by Sweden.[English Follows]

Al Ma’mal Talks
George Al Ama | Modernism in Palestine & Its Founders
Friday| 12.04.2019 | 6 PM | at Al Ma’mal
In Al Ma’mal Talks, George M. Al Ama presents Modernism in Palestine, providing insights on its roots and founders.
George Al Ama is a researcher and collector of Palestinian material culture and art. He works as an art consultant for Bank of Palestine.
Supported by the A.M Qattan Foundation through the ‘Visual Arts: A Flourishing Field’ Project, funded by Sweden

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الجمعة 5 نيسان 08:00-10:00 مساءً
المعمل، باب الجديد، القدس 

شادي زقطانشادي زقطان هو عازف جيتار ومؤلف وملحن ومغني فلسطيني. هُجرت عائلته عام النكبة من قرية زكريا في قضاء الخليل. يرتكز مشروعه الموسيقي على نقل الحاضر المعاش والحي في محيطه، حيث ينعكس هذا من خلال الموضوعات التي يتطرق إليها في أغنيته. يكتب بالفصحى واللهجتين المحكية الفلسطينية والبدوية، كما يلحن قصائد لشعراء فلسطينيين وعرب. في رصيده ألبومان موسيقيان، صدر الألبوم الاول بعنوان “عن بلد”عام 2008،  والثاني بعنوان “غناء على الحاجز” صدر عام 2013هذه الفعالية هي جزء من “ليالي القدس” بدعم من الاتحاد الأوروبي.التذاكر على الباب: 30 شيكل . 

Friday 12 April, 2019, 8:00 – 10 pmAl Ma’mal, New Gate, Old City, Jerusalem
Shadi Zaqttan
Shadi Zaqtan is a guitarist, composer, singer and songwriter from Palestine. Born in exile, raised in Damascus, Beirut, Amman and Tunis.His songs are inspired by the daily lives of the Palestinians and produced for the common citizen. He writes his lyrics in classical Arabic, colloquial and Bedouin dialects from poems of Palestinian and other Arab poets. His first album “About a Country” was released in 2008, the second album “Singing at the Checkpoint” in 2013.

Tickets at the Door: 30NIS

This event is part of “Jerusalem Nights” funded by the EU.