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Join us for Jerusalem Lives

Join us for 

Jerusalem Lives activities


Art Workshop

Interaction with Oscar Murillo’s artwork “the Institute of Reconciliation”

In partnership with Silwan Club and the African Community Society 


Sunday, December 17th| 10:00-16:30 

Friday, December 22nd| 10:00-16:30

Location: Silwan Club in Ras el Amoud, Jerusalem 


Colombian artist Oscar Murillo, a contributor to the public program of the “Jerusalem Lives” exhibition, worked with young people from Jerusalem to execute his artwork, “The Institute of Reconciliation”, thereby launching the Jerusalem branch of a project he has implemented in several places around the world. The artwork, which consists of a number of black paintings, goes beyond contemplation. The heavy, woven and torn black canvases, painted on in black oil colour, make up sprawling installations that hang on strings or screens or metal. They reflect on the history of labour, trade, society, consumerism, and art. They provide space to view the city from an alternative collaborative perspective.

We will complete what the artist started by inviting the children to interact with the work in novel artistic ways. These black paintings will be a space for them to create their own artworks or interpret their ideas of re-presenting the artwork however they wish.