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Lara Abu Ramadan What Will You Take?

Opening March 16 (5 – 8pm) – April 17, 2017
Babycastles Gallery
137 W 14th st, New York, NY 10011

In July 2014, Gaza was attacked by the Israeli military in a savage sweep that demolished the region. The attack displaced over eleven percent of the Gazan population and deprived the region of basic infrastructures such as farms, schools, hospitals, mosques, and factories. Casualties included many unarmed civilians and children. The bombing severely damaged the only power station and targeted trade tunnels that bypassed Israeli blockades, isolating Gaza in their wounded state.

Yet in the teeth of crushing cruelties within and without, Gaza seeks rejuvenation.

From this dedication to rejuvenation came the concept of Over The Rainbow — an art exhibition featuring work from Palestinian artists that springs from the spirit of recovering and rebuilding Gaza, but also spreads to all aspects of the lived Palestinian experience and the dialogue around it.

Art Palestine International in collaboration with Babycastles presents Palestinian creators — inside the region and out — in a primarily digital and video game exhibition. The art resonating out of their unique and valuable voices express the artists’ relationship with the lived Palestinian experience and all it encompasses — the hope, hurt, everyday, and beyond — in vivid multimedia art and interactions.


Leila Abdelrazaq
Mahmoud J. Alkurd
Iasmin Omar Ata — Babycastles, Game Artist and Programmer
Baskalet Game Studio
Nadia Abu Kharma
Maryam Nowarah
Lara Abu Ramadan
Karl Hohn — Babycastles, Game Programmer
Firas Shehadeh
Amer Shomali

Ye Qin Zhu — Curator, Art Palestine International
Rula Khoury — Curatorial Advisor, Art Historian, and Critic
Mary Evangelista — Director of Art Palestine International
Stephen D. Ross — Consultant

Babycastles Gallery Hours
Mon – Fri 12pm – 5pm