Art Palestine International is a New York-based cultural organization dedicated to Palestinian contemporary art. We collaborate with museums, galleries, and non-profits to produce art exhibitions, events, and publications.

This blog is a research tool that allows us to chart our research and invite others along on the journey.

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Dirar Kalash: ‘Phases of Sound’ ضرار كلش: في أطوار الصوت
The Phases of Sound:
All Options are Possible

Performance by Dirar Kalash
(Oud and Electronics)

Friday 20 January
Al Ma’mal, New Gate
Old City, Jerusalem
7 – 9 pm

Ticket Price: 10 NIS
Length: 70 – 80 mins

Bashir Qonqar: ‘Free Fall’ ‘بشير قنقر: ‘سقوط حر