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Self Portrait with Goat by Durar Bacri

The recent New Yorker profile of Amos Schocken, publisher of Haaretz, made reference to the painting above, which is now hanging in Schocken’s office.
Durar Bacri‘s “Self Portrait with Goat” was shown in a competition in Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion  airport, 2006, where Schocken saw and bought it.  Schoken has followed Bacri’s career since then and purchased  other  Bacri paintings. In the Self Portrait seen above, Bacri describes himself  as an all-American Marlboro man, wearing jeans and shirt from a famous Israeli fashion designer. In the painting, he is “lord of his surrounding Galilee  hills.” The goat represents  a connection with the land and Palestinian life and reflects the loneliness that Bacri feels, isolated from both Arab and Israeli society.
Bacri feels that other Arab painters have turned their backs on him, perhaps because as an Israeli Arab, he falls between two worlds.