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The Subjective Atlas of Palestine

I found this book in the New Museum bookstore the other day. The Subjective Atlas of Palestine is not only a beautifully designed book, it offers a rare compilation of images by artists about Palestine. Dutch designer Annelys de Vet invited Palestinian graphic and fine artists to contribute to the book, hoping to offer a different image of the place:

Sublime landscapes, tranquil urban scenes, frolicking children; who would associate these images with Palestine? All too often the Western media show the country’s gloomy side, and Palestinians as aggressors. It is this that makes identifying with them virtually impossible. If we are to relate to the Palestinians other images are needed, images seen from a cultural and more human vantage point.

You can download a digital copy from de Vet’s website but I recommend trying to find the print version.

Posted by Lauren Pearson / Image Caption: “Beautiful Palestine” by Majdi Hadid