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Mourid Barghouti on the Blocked Scream

I’ve been listening to the seemingly incomplete and annoyingly glitchy podcast of Tate’s recent symposium on Contemporary Art in the Middle East. Mourid Barghouti‘s talk on translation, in part two of the podcast, is really interesting. An excerpt:

The Arabs are more than 300 million, and the Muslims are one and a half billion people. They do good things and bad things, and all their bad deeds should be condemned, and denounced, and exposed. But how many good deeds are shown in films or satellite channels?

As a matter of fact, Arabs are caught between demonization and romantic glorification… Two faces of the same colonial model and a racist model in both cases.

Many of us must have been through that nightmare where we seem to want to raise our voice, to say something, to scream, but our voice is stifled, it is lost. I often think that there are whole groups, communities, peoples, races and languages, that face the traumatic experience of a blocked scream…