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Art Institutions Damaged in Gaza Offensive

Maymanah Farhat on damage to art institutions in the recent Gaza offensive:

…reports are just beginning to document art centers that have been hit or are surrounded by bombardment.  So far bloggers are circulating that the Rashad Shawwa Cultural Centre has been bombed, while the Institute for Palestine Studies has confirmed the destruction of the newly founded Gaza Music School, located in a building owned by the Palestinian Red Crescent, which was hit in the first wave of shelling on December 27.  The school taught children aged seven to eleven, the majority of whom were girls.

The fate of such important venues as the French Cultural Centre, the Municipality of Gaza’s Arts and Crafts Village, Al Karam Center for Cultural Arts, or the YMCA in Gaza City cannot be determined at this point.  If these centers were to sustain little or no structural damage, their futures are still uncertain, as the cultural workers whose dedication they depend on are sure to be facing dire circumstances.

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