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Exhibition, Book Launch and Concert

Coming Up @ Al Ma’mal

Exhibition Opening: The Khalidi Library, Jerusalem

Exhibition Opening

The Khalidi Library, Jerusalem
Knowledge, Place .. and Time
Curated by Jack Persekian

Wednesday 21 November, 4pm
Khalidi Library, Bab Al Silsileh 116, Old City, Jerusalem

The exhibition provides a historic account through images, photographs and texts of the Khalidi Library, its 13th century Mamluk buildings adjacent to the Haram Al Sharif and Bab Al Silsileh, and the scholars and colorful personalities who created and nurtured it over the years.

In partnership with the Khalidi Library. Generously supported by: British Council Cultural Protection Fund (UK) and the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development managed by Ta’awon.

Book Launch: Rumours Began Some Time Ago

Book Launch


Rumours Began Some Time Ago
Noor Abuarafeh

Friday 23 November, 6pm
Al Ma’mal, New Gate

Rumours Began Some Time Ago is a publication by Noor Abuarafeh commissioned for the Jerusalem Show iX that narrates the attempts of establishing the first Palestinian museum, starting from the Ottoman Empire, crossing the British and how it shaped the city today. The publication questions the lost artworks from Palestine, and how these missing works affect our collective memory.

The project is generously supported by 4C’s and the Royal College of Art, produced during the Delfina Foundation summer residency.


Live Music
with Carol Farah


Friday 23 November, 8pm
Al Ma’mal, New Gate

Carol Farah is a young Palestinian singer and songwriter from Nazareth who has been performing since a young age. Carol will perform with her guitar songs from her indie acoustic album, ‘The Continuing Story of Rivergreen’ as well as cover songs of her favorite folk and blues including songs by Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits.

Tickets (at the door): 20 NIS

Our programs are generously supported by:

A. M. Qattan Foundation celebrates the 10th anniversary of YAYA


10th anniversary of The Young Artist of the Year Award (YAYA)
November 6–December 27, 2018

A.M. Qattan Foundation
22 Al-Jihad Street
90624 Ramallah
Hours: Monday–Thursday and Saturday 11am–8pm

T +970 2 296 0544
F +970 2 298 4886 
Facebook / Twitter

The Young Artist of the Year Award (YAYA) is a biennial programme organized by the A.M. Qattan Foundation to encourage, support, and promote young Palestinian artists. The Award has been named the Hassan Hourani Award in honour of the late Hassan Hourani, a gifted young artist and one of the winners of the first Award in 2000, who died in a tragic drowning accident in 2003.

We Shall Be Monsters is the exhibition curated by artist Emily Jacir, the mentor of the shortlisted young artists for this 10th anniversary edition of the YAYA. The locus of the exhibition is derived from the artistic practices of the participants, whose works were developed over a period of ten months in close collaboration with the curator. Participating artists are Leila Abdelrazaq, Alaa Abu Asad, Yusef Audeh, Haitham Haddad, Safaa Khateeb, Dina Mimi, Firas Shehadeh, Dima Srouji, Walid Al Wawi, and Ola Zaitoun.

In these artists’ works, the personal and collective are deeply intertwined—as in Ola Zaitoun’s psychologically charged paintings depicting the disfigured bodies of women, or the dismembered braids of hair presented as evidence of resistance in Safaa Khateeb’s photographs. In Haitham Haddad’s work, the buried, stitched body becomes a document serving as a time capsule and message to the future. Trans-generational transmissions, memory, and challenging how we collectively and individually construct our history, are also prevalent in the works of the other artists. Drones pass through Firas Shehadeh’s video, where the eye of a wanderer constantly negotiates different proximities from the border zones. Dina Mimi investigates the gaze of the skulls of Algerian resistance fighters that were violently removed from their bodies and kept in a museum in Paris Leila Abdelrazaq’s animated comic collapses time through narrating the personal tragedy of a stillborn baby to question collective memory, loss, and survival. Other artists explore the possibilities of an empowered critical cartography. Dima Srouji collapses space and time and reveals a personal record of Jerusalem through bodily excavations beneath the surface of the city. Yusef Audeh’s objects and paintings follow an anonymous sexualized male body in the traverse between economy and cryptocurrency. A deer and a blue heron poetically narrate physical movement through spaces and a slow movement across time in Alaa Abu Asad’s video. Meanwhile, Walid Al Wawi challenges the status quo through the parallel metaphor of a parachute’s objective as a mechanism to slow down the fall of a human body.

The jury committee (Sandi Hilal, Declan Long, Eva Scharrer, Ahlam Shibli, and Jorge Tacla) announced Safaa Khateeb as the winner of the 2018 prize in the awards ceremony in Ramallah on Friday, November 9. Safaa’s work, The Braids Rebellion, as the jury stated, “was commended for both its technical and conceptual sophistication. It is exceptional, striking work, employing the unusual practice of scan photography in a rigorous and challenging manner. Principally, however, it was Safaa’s profound and affecting achievement in creating an oblique form of aesthetic and political representation that impressed the jury. By picturing braids of hair donated to a breast cancer campaign by incarcerated Palestinian women (in February 2017), Safaa focused on an act of human generosity and a form of solidarity between prison life and the outside world. The resulting photographic installation has a concentrated, pared-back aesthetic intensity that is nonetheless powerful in its evocation of resistance and empowerment.”

The Second Prize was jointly awarded between Firas Shehadeh and Dima Srouji, who both responded to aspects of Palestinian reality in varying ways and from significantly different positions. Ola Zaitoun was awarded the Third Prize for her work Necrosis.

We Shall Be Monsters exhibition continues until December 27, 2018, daily except Fridays and Sundays, from 11am until 6pm at the A. M. Qattan Foundation Cultural Centre, Al-Tireh, Ramallah, Palestine.

Labour of Love: New Approaches to Palestinian
Exhibition Opening: ‘٬Lydda – A Garden Disremembered’
Venue: Birzeit University Museum
Birzeit | 1 pm – 2.30pm​
Exhibition examines the controversies and analogies dealing with the imported British colonial planning paradigm and what that entails from post-industrial spatial forms and ethos, the transformation of Lydda to an ethnically cleansed and segregated city that had been despotically altered and the systematic racial planning policies that aimed at disempowering and suppressing Palestinian communities in favour of Jewish immigrants. Do the now displaced Lyddans carry platonic memories of their city? Perhaps not the paradise garden forseen by Holliday and Polcheck , but a city of once historical and social coherence where harmony has now been replaced by chaos and violence.
Organised: A. M. Qattan Foundation in cooperation with Birzeit University Museum​
Exhibition continues until 15 January 2019

بيرزيت ، ٢.٣٠ -٦.٣٠ مساءً
جولة وإطلاق كتاب
معرض غزْل العروق: عين جديدة على التطريز الفلسطيني
المكان:‬المتحف الفلسطيني، بيرزيت
يضيء معرض “غزْل العروق: عين جديدة على التطريز الفلسطيني” على أحد عناصر تاريخ فلسطين المادي، مُستكشفًا الطرق التي عمل فيها التطريز -رغم عدم وجود صلة تاريخية بينه وبين القوّة السياسية- في فلسطين كأداة فاعلة بيد أولئك اللواتي أنتجنه وارتدينه. غالبًا ما يُمجّد الاحتفاء بالتراث الفلسطيني باعتباره فعل تضامن، ولكن ما هي أشكال التضامن التي تستهدفها وتنتجها الممارسات المتعلقة بالتراث؟ كيف تتقاطع هذه الأشكال والممارسات مع إشكاليات مواضيع النوع الاجتماعي (الجندر) والعمل والطبقة التي يتناولها المعرض؟

٢.٣٠ – ٣ مساءً : التجمع في المتحف الفلسطيني
٣ – ٣.٤٥ مساءً : جولة في معرض “غزْل العروق”، وكيف نقرأ التضامن في التطريز الفلسطيني؟ مع قيّمة المعرض ريتشل ديدمان
٣.٥٠- ٤.٤٠ مساءً: نقاش، مع ريتشل ديدمان ود. تينا شيرول وكيارا دي سيساري، وتدير النقاش: د. عادلة العايدي-هنية
٥.١٠ – ٤.٥٥ مساءً: تكريم المتحف الفلسطيني لداعمي معرض “غزْل العروق” ومقرضي المجموعات والمشاركين في كتابه
٥.١٥ – ٦.٣٠ مساءً: حفل استقبال بتنظيم من المتحف ومؤسسة عبد المحسن القطان

Birzeit | 2.30–6.30 pm
Tour and Book Launch
Labour of Love: New Approaches to Palestinian
Venue: The Palestinian Museum
Embroidery sheds light on an aspect of Palestine’s material history, exploring the ways in which embroidery—although not traditionally associated with political power—has become a locus of agency for those who make it and wear it. Celebration of Palestinian heritage is often extolled as an act of solidarity, but what forms of solidarity do heritage practices address and produce? How do these intersect the problematics of gender, labour and class that the exhibition examines?


2.30 – 3 pm: Gathering at the Palestinian Museum
3 – 3.45 pm: Tour of the exhibition Labour of Love how do we explain solidarity in Palestinian embroidery? with curator Rachel Dedman.
3.50 – 4.40pm:Discussion with Rachel Dedman, Dr. Tina Sherwell and Chiara Di Sassari. Moderated by Dr. Adila Laïdi-Hanieh.
4:55 – 5.10: The Palestinian Museum will honor Labour of Love exhibition donors, collectors, and catalogue contributors.
5.15 – 6.30: Reception at the Palestinian Museum, organised by the Palestinian Museum and A. M. Qattan Foundation.

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Qalandiya International

You are cordially invited to the inauguration of
Qalandiya International IV
on Wednesday 3.10. 2018 in Jerusalem

Inauguration Programme // Jerusalem

5.30 pm
Exhibition Opening
Organized by: Al Hoash
Venue: Al Hoash, Al Zahra Street, Jerusalem

6.30 pm
On The Roof project
Organized by: Al Hoash
Meeting point: Al Hoash, Al Zahra Street, Jerusalem

​7 pm
Exhibition Opening
The Jerusalem Show iX: Jerusalem Actual and Possible
Organized by: Al Ma’mal
Venue: Al Hoash, the Lutheran School, Muristan Road, next to Lutheran Church of Redeemer, old city of Jerusalem

​8 pm
Reception and Drinks
Venue: Al Ma’mal, 8 Jawalida st.,
New Gate, old city of Jerusalem

9 pm
DJ Set with Youset
Venue: Al Ma’mal Rooftop, 8 Jawalida st.,
New Gate, old city of Jerusalem

Collateral Events in Palestine and Worldwide, Wednesday 3.10. 2018

1- 2 pm // ​Ramallah
Exhibition Opening
Propoganda, Mon Amour: Palestine As Seen Through Publications in Socialist Hungary
Venue: Copy Room, Rukab street, Ramallah Tahta next to video lambada, red steel door, first floor on the left

Dusseldorf (Germany)
Venue: Foyer der Botschaft, Worringer Platz

4- 6 pm // ​Oakland, California (USA)
Mural Media Launch
Oakland Palestine Solidary Mural
Venue: 26th Street, between Telegraph and Broadway, Oakland CA.
Organised by Art Forces

Qi Full Program
Qalandiya International kicks off in 20 locations in Palestine and worldwide under the theme of Solidarity from 3 October. To view our full program, click here.

Bus to Jerusalem and back
For the opening in Jerusalem, the bus will leave Ramallah at 4.30 pm
Meeting point: Parking lot- Rashid Haddadin Square opposite Ramallah City Hall.
Bus leaves from New Gate/Jerusalem to Ramallah @ 10pm
Meeting point: outside the Notre Dame Hotel

For inquiries

نتشرف بدعوتكم لحضور افتتاح
قلنديا الدولي ٤
يوم الأربعاء ٢٠١٨/١٠/٣ في القدس

برنامج الافتتاح // القدس

٥.٣٠ مساءً
إفتتاح معرض
تنظيم: حوش الفن الفلسطيني
المكان: الحوش، شارع الزهراء

٦.٣٠ مساءً
مشروع “على السطوح”
تنظيم: حوش الفن الفلسطيني
نقطة التجمع : الحوش، شارع الزهراء

٧ مساءً
إفتتاح معرض
على أبواب الجنة التاسع: القدس واقع واحتمالات
تنظيم مؤسسة المعمل للفن المعاصر
المكان: المدرسة اللوثرية، شارع موريستان، القدس القديمة

٨ مساءً
حفل استقبال
المعمل، ٨ شارع الجواليدة، باب الجديد، القدس القديمة

٩ مساءً
دي جي مع يوسيت
على سطح مؤسسة المعمل

​الفعاليات المصاحبة في فلسطين والعالم
الأربعاء ٣ تشرين الأول ٢٠١٨

١ – ٢ مساءً // رام الله
افتتاح معرض
الدعاية يا حبي: فلسطين في منشورات هنغاريا الاشتراكية
غرفة النسخ، شارع ركب، رام الله التحتا
بالقرب من فيديو لامبادا، باب احمر معدني، الطابق الاول

دوزلدورف، ألمانيا
عمل تركيبي
المكان: فوير دير بوتشافت، ورينغار بلاتس

٤ – ٦ مساءً // أوكلاند، كاليفورنيا، الولايات المتحدة
شارع ٢٦، بين تيليغراف وبرودويه، اوكلاند
تنظمه آرت فورسيز

جدارية تضامن اوكلاند-فلسطين

البرنامج المفصل
ابتداءً من ٣ تشرين الأول، ينطلق قلنديا الدولي في ٢٠ موقعاً في فلسطين التاريخية وفي العالم تحت ثيمة التضامن. إضغط هنا لتصفح وتنزيل البرنامج المفصل بالعربية

حافلة من وإلى القدس
تتوفر حافلة من رام الله إلى القدس لحضور حفل الافتتاح. الانطلاق الساعة ٤.٣٠ مساءً من ساحة راشد الحدادين، مقابل بلدية رام الله
تتوفر حافلة من القدس الى رام الله بعد انتهاء فعاليات الافتتاح. الانطلاق الساعة ١٠ مساءً من أمام النوتردام / باب الجديد


معرض المدن 6، اللد | Cities Exhibition 6, Lydda

We are approaching the end of the current exhibition cluster in which participated artists Avner Katz, Daniel Tchetchik, Amira Ziyan, Jannat Amara, Yael Toren, and Avraham Eilat.

Many groups and guests from all around the country visited the exhibitions and were profoundly impressed with them, and with the wonderful combination between them.

There is no better way to end this exhibition cluster than having a closing event and a gallery talk with the artists and curators.

You are welcome to the closing event on Saturday, April 28th, 12 am, at the Umm el-Fahem Art Gallery.

סעיד אבו שקרה
سعيد أبو شقرة
Said Abu Shakra

Bethlehem Beyond the Wall: Photographs Art and Artifacts 1890-2017

Everyone recognizes Bethlehem as the birthplace of Jesus, few know about the city’s rich culture. You can catch a glimpse of that richness at our new exhibition, at Manhattan College, Feb 19th – 27th, 2018. Bethlehem Beyond the Wall moves beyond myth and politics to show the city through the eyes of people who’ve lived there for centuries. The exhibition includes roughly 100 photographic images organized into discrete sections, 7 paintings (acrylic on canvas), 4 video interviews, and a series of maps to help viewers locate Bethlehem inside shifting political boundaries.

February 19-27, 2018 Open Monday – Saturday from 10 am -7 pm at Kelly 5A

Related Events and Programs:
Feb. 19 Opening Reception 5:30-7, Kelly 5A
Feb. 20 Faculty Panel 5:30, Kelly 5B
Monday, Feb. 26: Discussion with artist Elias Halabi, 5:30 p.m., Kelly Commons 4A
Feb. 27 Across the Divide film screening, 5:00 Kelly 5B

For more information about the exhibition, visit our website

Hope to see you there!

دعوه لافتتاح مجموعة معارض הזמנה למקבץ תערוכות

Dear friends חברים יקרים الاصدقاء الاعزاء

אתמול ננעל מקבץ התערוכות האחרון באירוע חגיגי שכלל שיח גלריה

ומפגש עם האמנים המשתתפים
בימים אלה , אנו מסיימים את ההכנות האחרונות למקבץ התערוכות החדש
השקת שלושה קטלוגים הדורים חדשים ופתיתחם של שלוש תערוכות יחיד ושלוש עבודות ווידאו ארט חדשות רצ”ב הזמנה

האירוע יתקיים בשבת הקרובה 17.2.2018 שעה 12.00
יהיה לנו כל העונג לפגוש אותכם באירוע חגיגי זה

فقط في الامس اغلقنا مجموعة المعارض الاخيره في لقاء احتفالي وحوار فني

ولقاء حضاري مع الفنانين المشاركين
نحن في هذه الايام على ابواب الانتهاء من الترتيبات النهائيه لافتتاح مجموعة المعارض القريبه يوم السبت القريب 17.2.2018 الساعه 12.00 ظهراً
في هذا اللقاء نحتفل بمناسبة إصدار تلاته كتب جديده . إفتتاح تلاتة معارض فرديه مميزه بالأضافه لتلاتة افلام فيديو آرت لمجموعه رائعه من الفنانين
يسرني جداً لقاءكم في هذا الحفل الافتتاحي مرفق دعوه

Yesterday the previous exhibition cluster came to an end in a special event that included a gallery talk and meeting with the exhibiting artists.
These days we are finishing the preparations for a new exhibition cluster that will include three new solo shows, video works, and the launching of three new impressive catalogs.
The event will take place this Saturday, February 17th, 12 pm.
It will be our great pleasure to see you in this special event.

סעיד אבו שקרה سعيد ابو شقره Said Abu Shakra

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Museum of Palestinian People

Museum of the Palestinian People‎ to
Bethlehem Beyond the Wall
February 9 at 3:09pm ·

A glimpse into what you’ll get to see at our exhibit, Bethlehem Beyond the Wall

American Colony Photo Dept.
Trimming Olive Trees near Bethlehem
Negative, 1934-1939
Library of Congress
14×10 1/4

Nicola Saig: The Return to Jerusalem


Al Ma’mal, George Al Ama and Rajai’ Zacharia cordially invite you to the exhibition opening

Nicola Saig:

The Return to Jerusalem 

Friday 26 January 2018

Al Ma’mal, New Gate

Old City, Jerusalem

6 – 9 pm

The exhibition reveals twelve paintings by the Jerusalemite pioneer artist Nicola Saig (1863 – 1942) newly discovered by George Al Ama in the possession of Rajai’ Zacharia, exhibited to the public for the first time.

Exhibition runs until 16 February 2018.